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2002 Arbitration Rivierea Drilling and Exploration Co. v. Holcomb Oil and Gas, Inc. et al, Case 02-M-0425, United States District Court, District of Colorado Expert Report, Testimony
2004 Litigation BDS International, LLC v Margan Investments, LLC Case 04 CV0029, District Court, Gunnison, CO Consulting
2004 Litigation Tipperary Corporation v. Tri-Star Petroleum, Case CV-42-265, 238 Juducial District Court, Midland County,TX Consulting
2004 Litigation Dominion Oklahoma Texas Exploration & Production, Inc. v. United Resources, Inc. Cause 2003-56333, 189th Judicial District Court, Harris County, TX Expert Report
2004 Litigation Cactus Petroleum Corporation and G.M. Oil Properties, Inc. v. Chesapeake Operating, Inc. and Chesapeake Energy Corporation Case CJ-2004-4, District Court of Harper County, OK Consulting